One Planet.

One Humanity.

One Family.

So why do we keep killing each other?

cemetery in shallow focus
men in green and brown camouflage uniform
woman wearing white and green dress surrounded by storey buildings

123m Deaths
Caused by war
in the twentieth
century alone¹.

$1.92 Trillion
Spent on defence
each year².

9.8m People
Per year displaced
from their homes
due to conflict³.

¹Matthew WhiteHistorical Atlas of the Twentieth Century, 2010. ²International Institute for Strategic Studies, 2022. ³UNHCR, Global Report, 2020.

We want to put an end to war, for good.

Are you with us?

Who We Are

PeaceQuest is an international NGO committed to the cause of world peace.


We recognise that humanity is one extended family.


Our mission is to put an end to war as a human cultural practice.


To achieve this, we believe that all of us who want a peaceful planet must actively wage peace with more energy, clarity of purpose, strategic intelligence, and determination than those who are intent on waging war.

What We Are Doing

We are currently proposing two projects:

Citizen Peace Talks Assembly

Facilitating a Peace Agreement that is developed by distinguished civil-society leaders and widely supported by an active international peace movement to propose an end to the war in Ukraine

Women’s PeaceQuest for Ukraine

Appeal of Ukrainian and European women—mothers, sisters, wives and daughters—to Russian women, mothers, sisters, wives and daughters to organize an end to the war in Ukraine